Friday, June 26, 2009

Callaway C16 Coupe

Reeves Callaway's interpretation of the Corvette combines unworldly muscle from its 650 HP engine complemented with custom-made interior appointments, premium racing accoutrements, and a super light body, creating the sleekest, most refined Corvette to date. Topping out at 200mph and equipped with top of the line Le Mans Brakes, the C16 handles on the road the same as on the track, perfectly.

Market Value: $177,410

What's Hot

- Unique Callaway Design, Corvette power taken to the max
- Exceptional supercharged power complemented by a remarkably light body - Upgraded, track-ready race components
- Supercar style and power from an American icon.
650 Horsepower
3.5 Secs to 60mph


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