Friday, June 26, 2009

Audi R8

Possessing smooth beauty and an unabashedly refined presence, Audi's new R8 dually redefines automotive excitement while shifting what enthusiasts have come to think of a supercar.
Flawlessly gifted with stability and traction control, the mid-engine V-8 redlines at 8,000rpm, unleashing 420 horses onto the road via AWD for ultimate grip. From the moment drivers are nestled into the Alcantara seats and wrap their fingers around the hand stitched steering wheel, all senses are put on high alert. After running the Audi R8 through all 6 gears drivers will have new appreciation for this 4 ring wonder.
Market Value: $178,000

What's Hot

- 21st Century design, Audi ergonomics,
immaculate fit and finish
- Supremely balanced weight distribution
- Audi's first supercar, a triumph
- Audi's entrance into elite performance
impeccably mixes luxurious indulgence
with super-powered driving
420 Horsepower
4.1 Secs to 60mph


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